100D elastic print fabric African ethnic style women’s clothing

Delve into a world of unmatched clarity with our meticulously curated fabric, where excellence prevails from the selection of raw materials to stringent warehouse quality control. Our commitment to quality unfolds through a meticulous layer-by-layer dyeing and finishing process, ensuring the preservation of printing quality even after extended washing, resisting fading. Crafted from superior raw materials, this fabric stands out for its exceptional wear resistance and anti-wrinkle characteristics. Carefully chosen high-quality yarns, combined with a high-density weave that prevents running, create a fabric that not only exudes durability but also guarantees outstanding wrinkle resistance. Elevate your choice with our fabric, a seamless fusion of clarity, quality, and enduring performance.

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92% polyester 8% spandex

Fabric Type



150 cm


105 gsm


little spandex,middle thick,soft,suitable for SS & AW

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